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At the table: Kelli Watts

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Before Kelli Watts founded Savor Patissiere, we had no idea how much we needed macarons in our lives. The dainty and beautiful circles of goodness bring joy to all who enter the Virginia Street location in Downtown McKinney. Having taught herself the art of making this beloved French delicacy, Kelli has grown Savor to four locations... So far!

1) Is it macaron or macaroon? It's macaron. Macaroons are the toasted coconut balls, which are an American dessert. We make macarons, which are actually French pastries.

2) What's your favorite flavor? It's a toss up between pistachio and coffee. I'm not sure I can choose...those are the two that I can't stop, won't stop eating.

3) Which would you choose, Paris or French Riviera? Paris. After living in NYC for a couple years after college, I really fell in love with city life, so Paris would be a perfect place for me.

4) Who’s your pick to win this year’s NCAA Men's Basketball title? I have picked Villanova to win the tournament!

5) Who inspires you most? All of the fierce, female entrepreneurs that hustled their way from zero to one hundred and have built amazing businesses. Alli Webb, Candace Nelson, Sara Blakely, Jeni Britton Bauer....there are so many! All of these women set out to do what no one else had done at the time and didn't listen to all of the no's along the way, and look where they are now! They are truly inspiring.

At the Table is a series of five, quick questions posed to amazing people in the local food and beverage industry. If you think there’s someone we should get to know better, email us their name and tell us how to get in touch with them.


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