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dreams = goals

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

When I tell people about my dream to launch a food tour many of them wonder, “What’s that?” Fair question.

The concept is best explained by sharing a little about a girls trip I took several years ago with my forever best friend. Fresh on the motherhood scene with a six-month-old who rarely slept meant I was looking forward to an island vacation where alarms and crying babies weren’t the norm. I love my little guys, y’all, but this girl needed sleep.

Well, imagine my horror when my friend suggested a laundry list of activities involving hiking and endless walking. Now, when we travel, we usually explore until our feet hurt. However, that was not the goal of this vacay. Okay.

Yet, there’s one thing that will motivate me to get my rear in gear and that’s the promise of a good meal! Haha So, when we stumbled upon a local tour company offering a walk through the historic seaside town with bites of yummy food at five different restaurants, I was all in.

We met the friendly tour guide at a park and from there stopped at a tiny café nearby. I don’t even remember what we ate, but it was good. Four more stops to go. At each location, we met local owners and chefs who shared about their love of their community and explained how the dishes had been prepared. Along the way, our guide gave us historical and cultural highlights and answered questions.

The last stop was a beautiful restaurant and piano bar. We were told the owner played with the Beach Boys and sat mesmerized as the entertaining bartender chatted with us, pouring coffee and serving up the most delicious flan… ever! My friend and I vowed to return.

So, to cap off a trip filled with rainforest hiking, beach bumming and meeting people, we headed back to the scene of the crime on the final night of our trip. As we dined, the owner came over, introduced himself and started to play a song, just for us. Let me tell you, we had all the feels. It was a beautiful and memorable evening.

That was years ago and I still count the food tour as the highlight of that trip and many others. For about three hours we were on an adventure that satisfied our taste buds and quenched our thirst for learning new things. Carrying those warm memories in my heart, I’ve created a culinary stroll for visitors and local foodies in McKinney, Texas.

With We Ate Well Food Tours my goal is to serve up good food experiences sprinkled with a little culture and a dash of history. Join us!


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